Job for Pharmacists in Public Service Commission (10 Post)

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Applications are invited for the post of Pharmacists in Public Service Commission. The Maharashtra Public Service Commission is an autonomous body established under Article 315 of the Indian Constitution to carry out the duties and functions enumerated in Article 320 of the Constitution. As a result, the Commission recommends eligible applicants for various government offices and advises the government on numerous service issues such as the creation of recruitment rules, promotions, transfers, and disciplinary proceedings, among other things.

About Public Service Commission:

Following Lord Macaulay’s Report of the Select Committee of British Parliament,\ the concept of a merit-based modern Civil Service in India was introduced in 1854. The report made the recommendation that the patronage-based system of the East India Company is replaced by a permanent civil service with admittance through competitive examinations that are based on merit. at that time age limit was between 18 to 23 years.

Table for Pharmacists in Public Service Commission

Table Pharmacists in Public Service Commission

Qualifications for Pharmacists in Public Service Commission

For Pharmacists in Public Service Commission you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy or a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Tech.) with a specialization in Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals, or Fine Chemicals; and After That, Experience: Possess at least one year of experience in the maintenance and supervision of medical supplies, or experience teaching pharmacy as a Demonstrator or in a comparable or higher role in teaching hospitals or medical colleges, obtained after obtaining the credentials listed in sub-clause (8.1). 8.3 Be well-versed in the establishment and management of records and bookkeeping. 8.4 Provided, however, that candidates with a master’s degree in pharmacy may be given preference;

Age limit:

1. Employees of the Maharashtra government are not subject to the higher age limit.

2. Candidates from the backward classes, the disabled, and athletes are exempt from the age limit relaxation.

3. The upper age restriction will be lowered for candidates with extraordinary educational qualifications, experience, or both. However, this provision will only be considered if there are insufficient candidates for the interview, as stated in the Commission’s Rules of Procedure.

4. In each of these cases, only highly qualified candidates with two levels of higher educational qualification would be considered for age limit concession.

5. In terms of experience, experience in a senior position will be taken into account rather than the minimum experience required for the position in order to relax the age limit.

Process of Selection

For Pharmacists in Public Service Commission The educational qualification, experience, and other requirements listed in the advertisement are minimum requirements, and the candidate will not be qualified to be contacted for an interview if he does not meet these requirements. If the number of applications received in response to the advertisement is greater than reasonable, as defined by the Commission’s rules of procedure, and it is not feasible to interview all of the eligible candidates who have submitted an application, additional educational qualifications/experience, or other appropriate criteria may be required. On the basis of these or through a screening examination, the number of candidates qualified for an interview will be limited. If the screening exam is chosen, the qualification and/or experience requirements will not be eased.

  • The screening examination curriculum, medium of examination, and other matters (if relevant) will be published on the Commission’s website.
  • In the case of a sifting examination, the results of the sifting test and the interview will be combined.
  • Only candidates who receive a score of at least 41% in the interview will be considered for a recommendation.
  • The selection process for this position will be conducted in compliance with the terms of the Pharmacist, Group-B (Admission Norms) 1992 as well as the Commission’s rules of procedure.

How to apply

Steps for applying for Pharmacists in Public Service Commission:

  1. What are the steps for submitting an application?
  2. If the account has already been created and needs to be changed, do so.
  3. Submit the application by submitting the required documents within the timeframe and in the way specified.

Payment of examination fee in the prescribed manner.

  1. Open – Rs.719 / (B) Backward Class / Financially Weak / Orphans – Rs.449 / (C) Backward Class / Financially Weak / Orphans – Rs.449 / (D) Backward Class / Financially Weak / Orphans (Three)
  2. In addition to the aforesaid examination price, there will be bank charges and taxes to pay.
  3. There is no return on the examination fee.
To pay the examination fee, use one of the following methods:
  1. To pay the fees, go to the main page and click on the ‘My Account’ link.
  2. After clicking the ‘My Account’ link, a list of posts applied for will show, together with a record of fees paid or not paid. The ‘Pay Now’ link will be available in front of the ‘Unpaid’ advertisement, article, or exam.
  3. After clicking the ‘Pay Now’ link, you will have two options: – (1) Payment online (2) national currency (4) Credit card, debit card, UPI, or net banking are the four options.
  4. After paying the examination fee online, the candidate will be able to see the status of the payment on his or her profile right away.
  5. To ensure that the examination fee is paid online before logging out, or if the status of payment of the examination fee is not available, the procedure for re-payment or receipt of challan must be completed before the examination application’s last date of submission.
  6. It is the candidate’s obligation to guarantee that the bank completes the transaction when paying the examination fee online. The Commission will not consider the complaint if the transaction fails for any reason.
  7. If you wish to pay the examination fee by Challan, you can do so at any State Bank of India branch during business hours by bringing a copy of the Challan with you.
  8. If you opt to pay the fee by Challan at State Bank of India, you must pay the examination fee within two hours of submitting your application or before the end of the bank’s following business day. Payment of the online examination fee is due by January 6, 2022, at 23.59 hrs.
  9. The specified deadline for receiving a copy of the Challan in the case of payment of the examination fee by Challan in the State Bank of India is January 09, 2022, at 23.59 hrs.
  10. The final date for payment of the examination fee by Challan in the State Bank of India is January 10, 2022 – during the bank’s business hours.

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