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SOP for Cleaning and operation of Vacuum cleaner

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1.0 Purpose: To describe the procedure for cleaning and operation of vacuum cleaner.
2.0 Aim: This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to the cleaning and operation of vacuum cleaner present at Production.
3.0 Responsibility:
3.1 Sr. Scientific Officer / Scientific Officer & line coordinator shall execute this SOP.
3.2 In charge / Head production shall supervise that the process is being followed as per SOP.
3.3 Head-QA shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this SOP.
4.0 Safety considerations:
4.1 “HANDLE WITH CARE” avoids shocks and jerks.
4.2 Check the filter basket before operation.
4.3 Switch off during maintenance work.
4.4 Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean flammable solutions like IPA & Acetone.
5.0 Materials and reagents:
5.1 Filtered 70% IPA.

SOP for Cleaning and operation of Vacuum cleaner

6.0 Procedure:
6.1 Cleaning procedure:
6.1.1 Switch “OFF” the vacuum switches and disconnect the main power supply.
6.1.2 After use of the vacuum cleaner remove the hose pipe and open the lid of the tank.
6.1.3 Take out the filter basket and remove the dust or particulate matter (if any).
6.1.4 Clean the filter basket with a dry brush.
6.1.5 Mope the outer surfaces with 70 % IPA.
6.1.6 Fix the filter basket and close the lid.
6.2 Startup Procudure :
6.2.1 Push the clips to open the lid of the tank of vacuum cleaner.
6.2.2 Install the clean filter basket into the tank
6.2.3 Close the tanks.
6.2.4 Press the red button, attach the vacuum hose & release the button.
6.2.5 Connect to the main supply.
6.2.6 Switch “ON” one of the red vacuum switches for vacuum suction.
6.2.7 Switch ON the second red vacuum switch for more suction.
6.3 Shutdown Procedure:
6.3.1 Switch OFF the vacuum switches and disconnect the main power supply.
6.3.2 Clean the vacuum cleaner as per step no. 6.1.
6.3.3 Keep the vacuum cleaner in its respective place.

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7.0 Reporting:
Not Applicable.
8.0 References:
8.1 Operational manual of Vaccum cleaner.
9.0 Annexure:
Not Applicable.

10.0 Distribution:
Master Copy – Archived with Quality Assurance Department
Controlled Copy – Production Department
Subsequent controlled copies – Department (s) making the requisition

11.0 Abbreviations:
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
Rev.: Revision
No. : Number
QA: Quality Assurance
IPA: Iso Propyl Alcohol
PR: Production
QC: Quality Control

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