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SOP for Destruction of Rubber Stereos

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1.0 Objective: The goal is to establish a procedure for the proper disposal of rubber stereos.

2.0 Scope: This standard operating procedure is relevant to the disposal of rubber stereos within the production department.

3.0 Responsibilities: Officer, Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department

SOP for Destruction of Rubber Stereos

4.0 Definitions:

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 After packing is complete, gather the used stereos. Ensure that the quantity matches the quantity recorded in the stereo register.
5.2 Collect both the issued and retained stereos and confirm their quantities against the received quantity. Proceed to cut them into smaller pieces to render them unusable.
5.3 Document the details of the destruction in the stereo register and the corresponding Batch Packing Record (BPR).
5.4 If there are any alterations to the production plan, or if the production is canceled or postponed for a month, store the stereos in the stereo cupboard. Apply a suitable storage label.

6.0 Abbreviation:
BPR: Batch Packing Record

7.0 Annexure:

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