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SOP for Operation and cleaning of Vernier Caliper

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1.0 Objective: To lay down the procedure for the operation and cleaning of Vernier Caliper.
2.0 Scope: This procedure is applicable to the operation and cleaning of Vernier Caliper used in production department.
3.0 Responsibility: Operator, Officer and Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department
QA Officer – In Process
4.0 Definitions:

Vernier Caliper

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 Operation:
5.1.1 Ensure the cleanliness of the Vernier Caliper.
5.1.2 Press ‘ON / OFF’ switch. Vernier caliper will turn ‘ON’.
5.1.3 Press ‘ZERO/ABS’ key to set zero reading on LCD.
5.1.4 Press ‘in / mm’ switch for selecting the measuring unit either inches or mm.
5.1.5 Move the slider by rotating knob near by slider.
5.1.6 Before measuring ensure that LCD displays zero reading when two jaws are intact with one another. To measure outer surface, keep object in between two jaws of outside measuring faces and read the reading on LCD.
5.1.7 To measure internal diameter, put two faces of inside measuring jaws inside the object and read the reading on LCD.
5.1.8 If we need to subtract any reading, then measure the first reading, then press ‘ZERO / ABS’ button and measure the next reading. The LCD will display the difference.
5.1.9 At the end of measurement, move slider to zero position and turn ‘OFF’ the caliper (If applicable).

5.2 Cleaning:
5.2.1 Clean the Vernier caliper using a clean dry lint free cloth.
5.2.2 Clean the jaws with help of dry lint free cloth until to remove adhering powder.
5.2.3 Place the Vernier caliper into the box.

5.3 Precaution:
5.3.1 Keep the caliper free from moisture and oil.
5.3.2 Do not scratch the scale surface.
5.3.4 Do not use the caliper at following places:

  • At high humidity place.
  • Where the caliper is exposed to direct sunlight
  • At dusty place

Note: Calibration of Vernier caliper shall be done by outside party once in six months / after any maintenance activity, whichever is earlier.

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6.0 Abbreviations:
LCD : Liquid Crystal Display
mm : Millimeters

7.0 References:

Revision card for Vernier Caliper

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