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SOP on Return of excess Packing material

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OBJECTIVE: The aim is to establish a procedure for the retrieval of excess packaging materials from the production department and their return to the stores.

SCOPE: This standard operating procedure (SOP) applies to the return of excess packing material from the production department to the stores.

The responsibility lies with the Officer and Executive of the Production Department, as well as the Manager of the Production Department.

Not applicable.


  • Upon completion of the packing activity, reconcile the primary and secondary packing material using the specified format provided in the respective Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR), as per SOP “Reconciliation and destruction of packing materials”.
  • Thoroughly clean the inner core and outer surface of each roll of PVC, PVC/PVdC, and Aluminum Foil using a lint-free dry cloth.
  • Place each roll of printed aluminum foil, PVC, PVC/PVdC, and secondary packing material (including cartons, labels, shippers, and leaflets) in a polythene bag and label it as “EXCESS RETURNED PACKING MATERIAL.”
  • Document the quantity of unused aluminum foil and PVC/PVC/PVdC film on the “EXCESS MATERIAL RETURN SLIP” (refer to Annexure-1) and have it verified by the Quality Assurance (Q.A.) officer.
  • Record the necessary details on the “EXCESS RETURNED PACKING MATERIAL” label and have it verified by the Q.A. Officer.
  • Dispose of all rejected and overprinted secondary packing material (such as cartons, labels, shippers, leaflets, polythene bags, and inner/outer boxes) in accordance with given SOP.
  • In case of a change in pack size or plan, return the entire dispensed packing material to the stores using the “EXCESS MATERIAL RETURN SLIP.”
  • If the material is dispensed based on a campaign basis (up to 3 batches), the Excess Material Return Slip can be provided at the end of the campaign, after the completion of the last batch (i.e., the end of the 3rd batch).

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BMR: Batch Manufacturing Record
PVC: Poly Vinyl Chloride
PVdC: Poly Vinylidene Chloride
Q.A.: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

Return of excess Packing material

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