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SOP on Disposal of Materials in the Tablet Department

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1.0 OBJECTIVE: The objective of this procedure is to establish guidelines for the proper disposal of materials in the tablet department.

2.0 SCOPE: This procedure applies to the disposal activities carried out in the production department.

3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: The following personnel from the Production Department are responsible for implementing this procedure:


5.1 Collection of Used Polythene Bags: Gather all used polythene bags, including those used for granules, raw materials, compressed tablets, and coated tablets, and place them in a waste bin.
5.2 Disposal of Polythene Bags: The housekeeping personnel collects the filled waste bin containing the used polythene bags and sends them to the scrap yard for disposal.
5.3 Disposal of Unused Labels: Tear all unused labels into small pieces and deposit them in the waste bin.
5.4 Disposal of Torn Labels: The housekeeping personnel collect the waste bin with the torn labels and send them to the scrap yard for disposal.
5.5 Collection of Rejected Tablets or Granules: Gather all rejected tablets or granules generated during each stage of the process and place them in a polythene bag.
5.6 Treatment of Rejected Tablets or Granules: Take the polythene bag with the rejected tablets or granules to the washing area.
In the presence of the Quality Assurance (QA) personnel, add purified water to the bag to soak the tablets or granules.
5.7 Disposal of Soaked Rejects: Send the soaked rejects to the designated disposal area for proper disposal.
5.8 Disposal of Dust and In-Process Rejects: Collect the dust collected from the vacuum cleaner, de-duster, dust collector, and any rejects generated during in-process checks.
Dispose of the collected dust and in-process rejects according to the above disposal procedure.
5.9 Disposal of Rejected Equipment and Utensils: Rejected punches, finger bags, sieves, screens, and utensils should be sent to the scrap yard. Before sending them for disposal, deface the rejected items. Obtain approval from the Department Head and complete a scrap note for the disposal process.

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QA: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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