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SOP on Operation and Calibration of I.R. Moisture Balance

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1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure for the operation and calibration of I.R. Moisture Balance.
2.0 SCOPE: This procedure is applicable to the operation and calibration of I.R. Moisture Balance in the production department.
Officer, Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department


5.1 Balance setting:
5.1.1 Adjust the level-using bottom leveling screw for powder samples.
5.1.2 Switch “ON” the main power supply. Balance displays :

5.1.3 Press the I/O key to “ON/OFF” the balance.
5.1.4 Balance will perform self-test and display –0.000g.

5.1.5 Press the -> or <- arrow key to select the TARE function and Zeroes the weight by pressing ENTER Key to get Zero on the display.
5.1.6 To open the door lifts the hinged cover with the heating element.
5.1.7 If the balance shows “OFF” display means the balance is ‘ON’.

5.1.8 If the balance shows “STAND BY” display means the balance is in ‘STAND BY’ mode.

5.1.9 If the balance shows “■…■…■” the display means balance is ‘BUSY’.

5.1.10 If the balance shows “0.000g display it means the balance is ‘STABLE’.

5.2 Operation:
5.2.1 Ensure the machine is cleaned before start of operation.
5.2.2 Load particular program. To load the program → or ← key to select PROGRAM option. Then list of programs is displayed in display unit.
5.2.3 Select program no. by → or ← soft key. To load program press the ‘ENTER’ soft key then press ‘CF’ soft key twice.
5.2.4 Balance will display the graphic symbol for tarring. Open the door hinged cover with a heating element and then place the sample dish on the weighing pan. Take the sample dish by pressing the ‘ENTER’ soft key.
5.2.5 Graphic symbol of ‘’LOADING THE SAMPLE ‘’appears on the display. Then load the sample on the dish evenly so that it spread uniformly. Close the hinged cover with a heating element, Then press the’ ENTER’ soft key to start the analysis.
5.2.6 After the end of the analysis beep comes three times and then notes down the result of the analysis.

5.3 Calibration:
5.3.1 Calibrate the I.R Balance with the standard weights as per Annexure-I
5.3.2 Select the standard weights for various balances based on the capacity of the balances as mentioned below.

Capacity of balance: Operation and Calibration of I.R. Moisture Balance

5.3.3 Place the standard weights one by one on the weighing platform/ pans and check the readings. Record the readings in Annexure-I.
5.3.4 A balance is considered satisfactory for use if the readings are found to be within the acceptable limit of the balance.
5.3.5 If the readings are exceeding the acceptable limit, put an “UNDER MAINTENANCE” tag, inform the head of the department and Engineering Department for necessary action, and record the same in Balance Calibration Record.
5.3.6 Do not use a balance till the problem is rectified.
5.3.7 After rectification, re-calibrate the balance before use and enter the same in Annexure –I.
5.3.8 Check for the zero error as per the specific operation procedure of the balance and enter the reading in the respective annexure for the balance.
5.3.9 Use the Standard weights duly certified by the Weights and Measures Department.
5.3.10 Frequency: Once a day.

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QA: Quality Assurance
IR: Infra Red
Annexure –I : IR Balance Calibration Record

Annexure for SOP on Operation and Calibration of I.R. Moisture Balance
Annexure –I : IR Balance Calibration Record

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