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SOP on Operating the Tablet inspection belt

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1.0 OBJECTIVE: To establish a standard procedure for operating the tablet inspection belt.

2.0 SCOPE: This procedure applies to the operation of the tablet inspection belt in the production area.

3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: Operators, officers, and executives from the Production Department.
A manager from the Production Department.

SOP on Operating the Tablet inspection belt
Tablet inspection belt

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5.1 Operation:
5.1.1 Ensure that the equipment and the surrounding area are clean.
5.1.2 Once QA has cleared the line, affix the “UNDER PROCESS” label on the machine, duly filled and signed. Record the observations on the equipment usage log sheet as per SOP on Making entries in equipment usage.
5.1.3 Turn on the main switch located on the panel board.
5.1.4 Load the tablets/capsules into the hopper using a stainless steel scoop, then activate the machine.
5.1.5 Adjust the vibration of the hopper to the optimal level, ensuring the tablets/capsules pass freely without overflowing.
5.1.7 Inspect for defective tablets, such as those with breakage, capping, chipping, oil or black spots, sticking, mottling, or an orange peel appearance.
5.1.8 Inspect for defective capsules, such as unlocked, telescopic, or dented appearances.
5.1.9 Use the leg brakes to stop the belt and remove the defective tablets/capsules, placing them in the stainless steel trays provided with the recovery label.
5.1.10 After inspection, weigh the defective and correct tablets/capsules.
5.1.11 Record the observations in the equipment usage log sheet as per the given SOP.
5.1.12 Turn off the main power supply from the electric panel.
5.1.13 Attach the “TO BE CLEANED” label on the machine, duly filled and signed.

5.2 Precaution:
5.2.1 Ensure that the belt is rotating in the forward direction.
5.2.2 Ensure that the tablets roll properly on the belt.

BMR: Batch Manufacturing Record
HDPE: High Density Poly Ethylene
IPC: In-process Container
QA: Quality Assurance
SS: Stainless Steel

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