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Procedure for Operating the Strip Pack Machine

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1.0 Objective: To establish a procedure for operating the strip pack machine.

2.0 Scope: This procedure is relevant to the operation of the strip pack machine within the production department.

3.0 Responsibility: Operators, Officers, and Executives in the Production Department hold the responsibility for this procedure. The Production Department Manager also has a role.

4.0 Definitions: None applicable.

Procedure for Operating the Strip Pack Machine

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 Machine Setting:

  • Ensure that the main switch is in the “OFF” position.
  • Mount the sealing roller onto the shaft and tighten the grub screw.
  • Confirm that the centerline of the rollers aligns precisely above the centerline of the brush draw.
  • Adjust the right sealing roller’s position using studs and nuts for parallel alignment.

5.2 Adjustment of Sealing Pressure:

  • Check the alignment of the sealing rollers’ cavities.
  • Tighten the pressure-setting stud to achieve proper sealing pressure until the packing material gets knurled.
  • Gradually tighten the stud for pressure equalization until the packing leaves the sealing roller correctly positioned across the web.

5.3 Adjustment of Cutting Device:

  • Verify the proper functioning of both cutting device cams.
  • Push the cutter assembly downwards to activate the moving blade’s scissor action.
  • Adjust the cutting assembly’s point by loosening screws and turning the hand wheel.
  • Modify the cutting length using change gears and adjust screws on the cam disc.

5.4 Adjustment of Dropping Tablets:

  • Adjust tablet dropping by loosening the socket head cap screw and adjusting the pin ring on the left-hand roller shaft.
  • To delay or advance tablet dropping, rotate the back gear with the pin ring clockwise or counterclockwise accordingly.

5.5 Operation:

  • After receiving line clearance from Quality Assurance (Q.A.), affix the “UNDER PROCESS” label on the machine.
  • Record the batch’s operation time in the equipment usage log sheet.
  • Turn on the main switch from the electrical panel.
  • Inspect the strips with tablets and ensure:
  • Proper knurling for smooth pressure.
  • Tablets drop in the center of pockets to prevent cutting.
  • Strips are cut to the required size in the knurling section to avoid cut pockets.
  • Overprinting matches the Batch Packing Record (BPR). Check for ink smudging.
  • Conduct the leak test as specified in the BPR.
  • Manually set the sealing heater temperature using a screwdriver, in accordance with the BPR.
  • Verify the temperature using a calibrated thermometer.
  • Record the completion time of the batch in the equipment usage log sheet.
  • Turn off the main switch from the electrical panel.
  • Attach the “TO BE CLEANED” label to the machine at the batch’s end.

5.6 Precautions:

  • Never operate the machine when empty.
  • Clean the rollers using a soft brass wire brush.

6.0 Abbreviations:
BPR: Batch Packing Record.
Q.A.: Quality Assurance.
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.

7.0 References:
SOP: Making entries in equipment usage and cleaning log sheet.

8.0 Annexures:
None available.

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