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SAP System in Pharma | Important SAP Transactions code

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A corporation can share common data and procedures across the entire organization, produce and access information in real-time, and promote a competitive business with the help of the SAP system. To help managers make effective decisions, SAP system are created to address the information fragmentation that occurs in large commercial organizations.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as SAP software solutions, is promoted to expand one’s domestic and global market share. Due to resistance to change, a lack of system thinking, and subpar execution, the pharmaceutical business relies largely on patents for the generation of revenue while putting more emphasis on research and development and exerting less effort in lean management. Inventory Turnover is the metric for leanness that is most frequently utilized.

SAP System in Pharma

Rapid improvements in hardware, software, and especially SAP AG’s suite of solutions providers have a significant impact on how businesses see, access, and manage their data. As it continues to develop in order to fulfill the needs of its customers and stakeholders, SAP played a critical part in the transformation of the application-oriented industry and embraced the top global solution providers.

SAP Implementation

Both the client and consulting firms must provide human resources for the SAP system deployment process. Client resources are the primary users of business processes who teach consultants about functional expertise and learn how to operate the system after the SAP System has been implemented. System administrators, technical staff, and functional staff make up the SAP system resources.

There will be numerous operating teams, each of which will be in charge of the various modules that have been introduced. The group ought to have both business and technical expertise. To know what has to be done to support key business operations, one needs to be familiar with the business functions and products.

SAP System in Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical sector: The Indian pharmaceutical industry is a well-organized business with a wide range of competencies in the challenging field of medication manufacturing. All types of medications, from straightforward pills to complex antibiotics and intricate cardiac chemicals, are currently produced in India. It is a highly fragmented market with fierce price rivalry and price regulation from the government. India’s pharmaceutical industry is a global leader in a variety of complicated medication manufacturing, development, and technology-related specialties. The following are the benefits and issues faced by the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Important SAP Transactions code

Transaction to create material requisition slip:

It is divided into two transactions:

  • COR1- Process order creation
  • COR2- Change process order

SAP Transactions for process order confirmation after granulation, compression, and coating


Note: Do not add IPQC sample (in process sample) quantity during COR6

Transaction to print out the product status label


Verification of stock:


BSR Transfer slip generation


Process order information:


Display process order information: SAP Transaction


Create purchase requisition:


To print the purchase requisition


To change the purchase requisition slip


Gate pass creation


IPA slip generation SAP Transaction


BPCR Requisition slip generation


BPCR Additional page slip generation


Goods Movements


Checking self-life:

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Shipper label Printing: SAP


Material working report


Material document list


Reserved stock of material


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