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SOP for Polishing of Punches and Dies

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Procedure for Polishing Punches and Dies, Polishing is important to maintain and preserve the self-life of punches and dies in pharmaceuticals.

SOP for Polishing of Punches and Dies

1.0 Objective: To establish a procedure for the polishing of punches and dies.

2.0 Scope: This procedure applies to the polishing of punches and dies used in the production department.

3.0 Responsibility: Officers and Executives in the Production Department
Managers in the Production Department

4.0 Procedure:
4.1 Select the appropriate brush based on the provided guidelines.
4.2 Use emery paper or a bar to polish the punch tips for any internal burrs.
4.3 For concave punches with embossing, utilize a cup-shaped nylon brush and micro emery powder.
4.4 For flat punches with embossing, employ a wheel-shaped nylon brush and micro emery powder.
4.5 Use a dome-shaped felt bob and micro emery powder for concave and plain punches.
4.6 For plain flat-faced beveled-edged punches and dies, use a conical-shaped felt bob and micro emery powder.
4.7 Secure the necessary brush on the electrical grinder’s fixtures using the provided key and tighten it properly.
4.8 Apply diamond paste or emery powder to the part requiring polishing.
4.9 Connect the electrical grinder to the power source and switch it ON.
4.10 Start the electrical grinder.
4.11 Bring the rotating polishing brush close to the part needing polishing. Gently touch the sides and polish as necessary.
4.12 After polishing is complete, clean the punches and dies using IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol).

Frequency: Polish punches and dies after the compression of twenty million tablets per set or every six months, whichever comes earlier.

4.13 Record polishing details in Annexure-I.
4.14 Polish all subsets of a particular set simultaneously.
Note: Perform polishing of punches and dies in the compression spare room.

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5.0 Abbreviations:
IPA: Iso Propyl Alcohol
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

6.0 Annexures:
ANNEXURE – I: Punch and Die Polishing Record

Annexure for Record polishing details

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