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SOP for the operation of Multimill

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1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure for the operation of Multimill.
2.0 SCOPE: This procedure applies to the operation of Multimill located in the manufacturing area.
3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: Operator, Officer, Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department


5.1 Machine setting
5.1.1 Ensure that the machine and area are cleaned.
5.1.2 Ensure that the main switch is in the “OFF” position before setting of multimill.
5.1.3 Fix all the blades in the blade housing and lock it with stud in its position.
5.1.4 Fix the blade housing into the shaft of the main motor drive and lock it with a bolt
(Turn bolt anticlockwise).
5.1.5 Fix the required screen as per the respective BMR in the frame and assemble it appropriately such that rotary blades do not rub with the frame and the screen.
5.1.6 Loosen the motor belt by unscrewing the lock of the motor so as to move the motor in front and backside with the help of the adjusting lever.
5.1.7 Change the belt to the required position as per BMR.
5.1.8 Tighten the motor belt to the required stress and lock the lever at the desired motor position.
5.1.9 Place pre-labeled cleaned HDPE/ SS drum with double lined polythene bag at the outlet chute.

5.2 Operation
5.2.1 After line clearance from QA, put the ‘UNDER PROCESS’ label duly filled and signed on the machine.
5.2.2 Enter the start time of the batch in the equipment usage log sheet.
5.2.3 Switch “ON” the electric supply and press the ‘Black’ button to run the machine in an impact forward direction, and press the ‘Green’ button to run the machine in the ‘knife forward’ direction.
5.2.4 Adjust the hopper vent to have the desired flow rate of materials.
5.2.5 Run the machine and slowly feed the material to be crushed through the hopper.
5.2.6 Collect the crushed material into the cleaned HDPE/ SS drum with double-lined
Polythene bag.
5.2.7 After completion of the operation, press the ‘Red’ button to stop the machine. If any abnormality is observed, stop the machine and reset it.
5.2.8 Enter the completion time in the Equipment Usage Log Sheet.

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5.3 Precaution and Checkpoints
5.3.1 Use elbow-size latex gloves during the handling of materials.
5.3.2 Ensure that the rotating blade does not rub with the frame and the screen.
5.3.3 Do not put oil in the main motor shaft with blade housing from inside.
5.3.4 Ensure that no overfeeding is done in the hoper of the multimill.
BMR: Batch Manufacturing Record
HDPE: High-Density Poly-Ethylene
QA: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.
SS: Stainless Steel

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