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SOP on Change of the Aluminum foil During Packing

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1.0 Objective: The objective is to establish a procedure for changing the aluminum foil during the packing process.

2.0 Scope: This standard operating procedure is relevant to the replacement of aluminum foil in the packaging process within the production department.

3.0 Responsibilities: Operator, Officer, and Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department

SOP on Change of the Aluminum foil During Packing

4.0 Definitions:

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 At the beginning of each batch, move the entire primary packing material to the designated room.
5.2 Attach the signed initial specimen or proof of the aluminum foil, along with the stereo impression, to the Batch Packing Record (BPR).
5.3 If embossing is used instead of aluminum foil, attach the details of the embossed blisters.
5.4 Verify the accuracy of the aluminum foil whenever a roll change is necessary.
5.5 Include signed specimens of all aluminum foils with the BPR.
5.6 Whenever a joint is identified in the aluminum foil, attach a signed specimen of the foil to the BPR.
5.7 Make sure the specimen copy is attached to both ends of the aluminum foil connected to the joint.

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6.0 Abbreviation:
BPR: Batch Packing Record

7.0 References:

8.0 Annexure:

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