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SOP on Operating Procedure for Conveyor Belt

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Operating Procedure for Conveyor Belt in pharmaceuticals and other industries. A conveyor belt is used to carry out products from the machine’s exit point to the collection point, or for online product filling into secondary and tertiary packaging.

SOP on Operating Procedure for Conveyor Belt

1.0 Objective: This procedure outlines the method for operating the conveyor belt.

2.0 Scope: This procedure pertains to the operation of the conveyor belt within the production department.

3.0 Responsibility:
Officer, Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department

4.0 Definitions:
Not Applicable (NA)

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 Operation
5.1.1 After receiving clearance from Quality Assurance (QA), affix the ‘UNDER PROCESS’ label onto the conveyor belt.
5.1.2 Activate the main power from the electric panel and initiate the conveyor belt’s movement by pressing the green push button located on the bottom side of the stainless steel conveyor belt.
5.1.3 Document the operation activity in the equipment usage log sheet.
5.1.4 Collect the strips/blisters that are conveyed from the primary packing cubicle.
5.1.5 Pack the strips/blisters according to the instructions on the cartons, catch covers, and Batch Packing Record (BPR).
5.1.6 Arrange all cartons and catch covers in a shipper, following the configuration provided in the BPR.
5.1.7 Deactivate the main power from the electric panel once the task is completed.
5.1.8 Attach a ‘TO BE CLEANED’ label to the conveyor belt at the end of a batch.

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6.0 Abbreviations:
BPR: Batch Packing Record
QA: Quality Assurance

7.0 References:
Not Applicable (NA)

8.0 Annexures:

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