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Gforce Glenmark for focused Reporting

Gforce is a Glenmark software solution to enhance better customer way and product promotion in pharmaceutical segments.

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Gforce Glenmark important links:

Gforce INDIAClick here
Gforce OMANClick here
Gforce UAEClick here
Gforce YEMENClick here
Gforce KENYAClick here
Gforce UGANDAClick here
Gforce ZAMBIAClick here
Gforce REWADAClick here
Gforce ZimbabweClick here

Gforce Helpline for Password

For passwords, issue contact the IT department

IT hepdesk= 022-40189165/67/68


Email: [email protected]

Gforce helpline= 9356922354 (9.00 am to 6:00 pm

Gforce Team

Sreenivasulu [email protected] Manager(G-Force) Escaltion : G-force

Gforce Issue: First Escalation Message to Anant: Through G-force Login Mandatory for all divisions before escalating queries to G-force BP 0832 6638172/73

Shraddha Bhosale [email protected] Gracewell, Gracewell SP, Dermax, Glenmark, Cosmocare, Integrace, Respicare, Respiratory, Nepal & Instar 022-40888940

Sharvari Thakur [email protected] Milieus,G&G,Onkos,Zoltan, Zoltan Care, Glenmark CV, Healtheon,GCC & GCC MT 022-40889016

Prashant Kolambakar [email protected] Majesta & Critica 022-40889111
Kunal Sawant [email protected] SM,ZSM & DSM Expenses 022-40889251

Rahul Malunjkar [email protected] Escaltion: SM, ZSM & DSM Expenses 022-40889112

Rakesh Vishwakarma [email protected] Primary Sales 022-40888976

Sandeep Patil [email protected] Secondary Sales 022-40888905

Govind Krishnaswamy [email protected] Budget, WAP, Incentive 022-40888943


Chandrashekhar Ramachandran [email protected] Cosmocare, Dermax 022-40889140

Siddharth Sawant [email protected] ZOLTAN CARE 022-40889228

Pushkaraj Hajarnis [email protected] GLENMARK 022-40889234

Sitharam Reddy [email protected] Respicare 022-40889204

Vishaka Dave [email protected] Zoltan 022-40889016

Ishita Potdar [email protected] Respiratory 022-40889227

Rich Biyani [email protected] Glenmark CV 022-40889107

Nagesh Nayak [email protected] Integrace, Nepal, Instar 022-40889224

Ila Grover [email protected] Gracewell, Gracewell SP 022-40889171

Rohit Kedare [email protected] Healtheon 022-40889233

Delrian Dcruz [email protected] MAJESTA 022-40889226

Nilesh Mehere [email protected] G&G,Critica 022-40889225

Gunjan Karthik [email protected] GCC, GCC MT 022-40889203

Narayanan Nambudiri [email protected] Milieus,Onkos 022-40889232


Umesh Narayan (Mumbai) [email protected] 9820300074 022-40956969
Babu Nair (Delhi) [email protected] 9350737738
Kolkata AO 033-40102460
N Sreenivas (Chennai) [email protected] 9382812674 044-23651138

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